Sites are down because of cloudflare or misconfiguration from the site owners

cloud flare

Today morning when trying to get on the website, I couldn’t get to the site except getting the following error message. “502 Bad Gateway.” At first, I was going crazy thinking it might be my browser again then trying to open another site called, “” and came up with the same message again. However, when I noticed the footer tag of “cloudflare”, then I thought it has to be related to cloudflare services and should check the status of cloud flare services.

So I went on to check the stats on the cloudflare website: and found the following message.

Those two sites I mentioned above are pretty huge and using the cloud flare services, which I admit are pretty awesome and I’m only assuming that millions of sites using the cloudflare services.

I myself use cloudflare DNS service for multiple reason such as analyzing website traffic and data flow that gives you at least some what idea of your site health in a sense of web traffic by country and the bandwidth usage and caching etc. Most importantly it can help you evaluate anyone attacking your site and stop those attacks are a few of basic out of the box services for a basic site like mine without any charges and you can’t beat this. But I’m pretty sure other enterprise levels sites should have some sort of load balancing or traffic forwarding in case one or even two nodes down throw the traffic automatically to the one that is available for best user experience and I believe that’s what cloudflare provides, which I think failed to served and not because of cloudflare but I would assume bad implementations from both of these downed web sites today.

Anyways, I just thought I should say something while waiting for any of those two sites to come up and running so I can view what I needed while passing my time jotting down my thoughts on the topic.

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